The beautifully painted carvings on the outsides of many of the Temples located throughout Tamil Nadu should not be missed.

Pictures of the temples look impressive enough but only by visiting the sites themselves can you get the impact of the sheer size of these buildings and the work which must have gone in to creating them.

The most well known is the Minakshi Sundareshvara Temple in Madurai.The entire complex, including the Sundareshvara Shrine and the four towers which make up the site were repainted during 2008/09 and the sun shining on the painted carvings and the gold roof of the temple must be seen to appreciate the real beauty.

The journey from Kovalam is by air conditioned taxi and takes about 6 hours including comfort stops, but it really is well worth the effort. On route you will have the opportunity to see the huge 'wind farm' made up of literally hundreds of wind turbines which extend for miles and miles.

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