Like the chance to shoot a Tiger? (with your camera of course), then enjoy a trip to the Nature Reserve at Periyar. Best as a three day trip at least, travel to the area on the first day by air conditioned car passing through mile after mile of tea plantations with the occasional coffee plantation thrown in for good measure. Stay overnight at a local Hotel arranged by us and visit the reserve during the early morning of day two.

This is the best time to view the wild animals that live in the reserve as they wake from their sleep and wander down to the lake in the cool morning sun. Take a boat ride around the lake and take the opportunity to do some animal spotting on the river banks as you glide through the calm waters.

There are Tigers in the reserve and whilst they are not easily spotted this is one of the best places in India where you are likely to see a Tiger in the wild. If you don't see one don't worry (they will probably have seen you from the safety of the bush) as there are plenty of other animals in the reserve which aren't quite as shy including elephant, Indian giant squirrels, monkeys, sloth bears, as well as Indian bison and if you take a guided trek through the forest you will have the opportunity to view the beautiful butterflies and brightly coloured birds.

Spend the rest of the day at your leisure by simply relaxing in the grounds of your hotel or discover the bargains to be found in the local shops which cater more for the local residents than the tourist trade.

Day three is the return journey after a leisurely breakfast at your hotel and is by different route to that taken on the outward leg of the trip. This again is through beautiful open countryside and your driver can arrange as many comfort stops on route as you wish. In many of the villages you pass through you are likely to be the first European people the residents will have seen possibly for days, if not months so don't worry if you attract some inquisitive (but friendly) glances from them.

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