Ayurvedic & Spa

All our health treatments start with a consultation with the doctor who ascertains your body type through traditional ayurvedic diagnosis and is followed by an ayurvedic body massage, which helps your body and mind to get accustomed to the treatments to come.

Restaurant & Rooms

The rooms are all of a high standard and are furnished with Teak furniture throughout, Marble and Granite floors and all rooms are ensuite with showers rooms providing hot (yes it will be hot ) as well as cold water.


In the original accommodation block there are four rooms available to rent on each of the first and top floors. The top floor rooms have the advantage of being higher and therefore present better views of the Arabian Sea and beach front, although the first floor room views are equally as impressive.


Feel free to contact us You can contact us any time through our mail and as well phones (listed on the contact section ) we are always here to help you at anytime. with the 24 hrs working reception..

And Finally

Sanal (pronounced "Sanil") is officially licensed by the Indian Government to exchange currency and is the person to see if you need to change your cash or travellers cheques for Rupees on your arrival and throughout your stay. Unlike many other money changers he checks the exchange rate every day so you can be assured you will be getting the best value for your money.

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